Monday - 11am-12am

Tuesday - 11am - 12am

Wednesday - 11am - 12am

Thursday - 11am - 12am

Friday 11am - 3am

Saturday 11am - 3am

Sunday 11am - 10pm


1HR          $6

    3HR         $15    

5HR         $24

 8HR         $35

Bring in a friend and they get half off!

Console gaming


Events & Tournaments


We boast to offer an open arcade floor design with areas suited to every type of gamer. There will be a combination of couch gaming areas for PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360, and Xbox ONE. Individual gamer stations for PS4, PC, and Xbox ONE, Three LAN network set ups for team PC players of up to 6 players, sound proof rooms for Guitar Hero, Just Dance and Rockband, retro console stations for classic gaming  and stand up arcade machines. We’ll also have VR Stations set up for PS VR, HTC Vive, and Occulus Rift. We also plan on having 5 arcade cabinets because we are after all still an arcade.